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Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor
Deputy Head of Department

In 1987, after graduating from high school he entered the School of Radiophysics of the A.G. Gorky Kharkov state university (KSU). More detailedfamiliarity with the departments of the faculty, research direction is determined by a further choice of specialization Quantum Radiophysics. In 1992 he successfully graduated from the KSU.

His career began after graduating from KSU in one of the largest factories of Kharkov the union "Turboatom" electronics engineer. Engaged in the development of the temperature control systems support bearings powerful turbines. However, work on the "Turboatom" did not last long, craving for science, radiophysics, overpowered, and he returned as a junior researcher to the Department of Quantum Radiophysics in School of Radiophysics KSU.

He participated in the ongoingat the department scientific research of submillimetre optically pumped lasers, ring lasers with bidirectional pumped, waveguide resonators, in particular, the folded structure.In 1999 he entered graduate school at the V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, where under the guidance of prof. Vasily A. Svich worked onhis Ph.D. thesis "Selection of transverse modes in the quasi-optical metal waveguide resonators of submillimeter lasers with optical pumping". He defended his Ph.D. thesis in 2007.

He has prepared and taught courses: "Fundamentals of metrology in applied physics", "Metrology", "Limit of measurement in radioelectronics" and "Basic scientific research".

The main direction of scientific research are the physical processes of propagation and conversion of wave beams in laser resonators and transmission linesof terahertz range. Andrey V. Degtyarev is the author of over 50 publications. He is a member of the Institute of Engineers of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE, he is a member of the organizing committee of the international scientific conference on modern optoelectronics and lasers CAOL.


Major publications:

1.  Gurin O.V., Degtyarev A.V., Maslov V.A., Svich V.A., Tkachenko V.M., Topkov A.N. Transmission of submillimeter laser beams in hollow waveguides // Quantum Electronics. 2005. V.35, 2. P.175179.

2.  Volodenko A.V., Gurin O.V., Degtyarev A.V., Maslov V.A., Svich V.A., Topkov A.N. Waveguide submillimetre laser with a uniform output beam // Quantum Electronics. 2007. V.37, 1. P.6368.

3.  Vlasenko S.A., Gurin O.V., Degtyarev A.V., Maslov V.A., Svich V.A., Topkov A.N. Waveguide CO2 laser with a quasi-homogeneous distribution of the output radiation intensity // Quantum Electronics. 2013. V.43, 5. P.472476.

4.  Gurin O.V., Degtyarev A.V., Maslov V.A., Svich V.A., Senyuta V.S., Topkov A.N. and Khardikov V.V. The Formation of Azimuthally-Polarized Transverse Modes in Quasi-Optical Waveguide Terahertz Resonators // Telecommunications and Radio Engineering. 2014, v.73, 14, P.1229 -1239.

5.  Gurin O.V., Degtyarev A.V., Maslov V.A., Svich V.A., Senyuta V.S. and Topkov A.N. Propagation and Focusing of Modes of Dielectric Resonators of Terahertz Range Lasers // Telecommunications and Radio Engineering. 2015, v.74, 7, P.629 -640.

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