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Specialization "Semiconductor Physics" and "Radio measurements" were organized by Professor Valitova Rafkat Amirkhanovich in the department, which was named "The department of radio" (later Quantum Radiophysics) in 1955 to measure the power of microwave radiation.

The first teachers in the department were: prof. Valitov RA, Assoc. Shishkin, LA, Tsarenko VF Borzenko V. Krikunova EA, Kukush VD, Shekhovtsov NA, Fesenko, JM Department during this period provided the reading public lectures: "Electrical Measurements" and "Measurements at microwave frequencies", and laboratory work on these courses and prepares students for specialization.

Since the Department began issuing its specialists since 1958, for the development of research at the Department of Valitov RA got to graduate school graduate of the Kharkov Polytechnic Institute: Kukusha VD, Orlov VG, Sapelkin AI, Sheiko, VP, Katkov, AE, EA Domanov. The main scientific direction of the study was the creation of methods and instruments for the measurement of electromagnetic radiation of millimeter waves.

In the late 50's Department met government research theme of "Progress", which provided funding for the creation of material resources and the ability to attract scientists, engineers and mechanics. The next government research topic was "Complex Sciences", performed by the Department in conjunction with the IRE of the USSR and several other organizations of the former Soviet Union. Scientific results of these themes were the basis of post-graduate master's theses, which have been actively involved in their implementation.

The first PhD thesis, performed in the department, has been protected Kukush VD and was dedicated to the creation of the ponderomotive power meter centimeter wavelength range.

In the future, focused on the creation of gauges low levels of power and wavelength short-wave part of millimeter and submillimeter wavelength ranges for start-up in the suburbs backward-wave tubes. There were informal groups of these two trends: LIM - Laboratory measurement of power and LEACH - Laboratory measurement of the frequency. The scientific leaders of these groups were Kuzmichev VM and Dyubko SF Main scientific achievements of these groups at the federal level, and possibly the world - is microcalorimeters and wavemeter based on open resonators Millimeter wave, which significantly improved the accuracy of the radiation parameters.

With the creation of the Department of General Physics at the Faculty of Radiophysics specialization "Semiconductor Physics" has been transferred to this department.

In 1969 prof. Valitov RA He was transferred to work in Moscow and headed by Associate Professor Department of trusted VM Kuzmichev

In 1974, the Department renamed the Department of Quantum Radiophysics of the specialties, "Quantum Radiophysics", "of radio" and "biophysics." In 1982, due to the increased intake of students in the specialty "Biophysics", she was separated into an independent department.

In the 70's and early 80's areas of research department of several modified. Much attention was paid to the investigation and the creation of submillimeter lasers. He headed the work SF Associate Dyubko For the first time in the Soviet Union was obtained by generating a number of spectral lines submillimeter wavelengths with output power of several tens of milliwatts. For the research in this area docents Dyubko SF Switch and VA Prizes were awarded to them. Ostrovsky AN USSR.

The second research area was related to the justification and development of methods of measuring the output energy parameters of laser radiation. He headed this direction of Associate Professor VM Kuzmichev Created by the Department of the calorimeter low levels of continuous power and energy of single laser pulses CODE-3 was introduced in industrial production at the Volgograd plant "Etalon" and had called IMO-1.

In 1986, organized by specialty "Radio Astronomy" with an additional set of students that entered into the department. It was a branch of the department at the Radio Astronomy Institute of the USSR. In the late 90s, this specialization was combined with the specialization "Cosmic Radiophysics" and transferred to the Department of Space Radio Physics.

The first doctoral thesis, made in the department, has been protected Dyubko SF in 1981 and was devoted to the study and creation of submillimeter lasers. In 1984 he defended his doctoral dissertation was Kuzmichev VM and it addressed the issues of measurement of energy parameters of intensive and wide aperture laser. In 1991 doctoral thesis was defended Switches VA and she was devoted to the use of submillimeter radiation for high-temperature plasma diagnostics. In 1992 he defended his doctoral dissertation was Cocody, NG, and it examines questions of creating ponderomotive meters of intense laser radiation. In 2007 defended his doctoral dissertation, OI Baskakov and it is devoted to the study of high-resolution spectra of molecules in isolated or interacting vibrational states. In 2008 defended his doctoral dissertation Maslov, VA and it addressed the issues of formation and selection of transverse modes in laser resonators.

For research and development of lasers submillimeter wavelengths members of the department Dyubko SF, Switch, VA, Baskakov OI Efremov, VA, Carr AN, Pokormyaho NG, Efimenko MN ., Fesenko LD in 1995 was awarded the State Prize of Ukraine.

Employees of the Department is protected by more than 40 Ph.D. theses, published 4 monographs, more than 1,000 scientific papers and received more than 200 patents for inventions.

In 1983 he became chair of Switch VA From 1988 to 1993 the chair was Kuzmichev, VA, and from 1993 to the present time is the chair of Switch VA

In 2001 the department organized branches of specialization, "Technique of millimeter and submillimeter waves," in IRE NASU and specialization, "High Resolution Microwave Spectroscopy" at the Institute of Radio Astronomy of NAS of Ukraine.

Teachers of the department have received numerous awards and honors.

Prof. Switch VA - Member of the Editorial Board of journals "Radio Physics and Electronics", "Engineering Physical surface," the chief editor of "Vestnik KNU VNKarazin. Sor. Radio Physics and Electronics ", a member of the Council on Quantum Electronics, NAS of Ukraine, Chairman of the Divisional Council, Professor Emeritus of Kharkiv VNKarazin (2002), Honored Inventor of the USSR, Laureate of the Lenin Komsomol them. Ostrovsky (1971), the State Prize of Ukraine (1995). He has the honorary title of "Excellence in Higher Education", was awarded the Order "For merits III degree. Prof. Dyubko SF - Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine (2005 p.).

Prof. Dyubko SF is a full member of the New York Academy of Sciences, member of the Ukrainian Physical Society, an expert of the Ukrainian National Space Agency, a member of the Divisional Council to award master's and doctoral degrees, a member of the editorial board of the NAS of Ukraine "Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy", Laureate of the Lenin Komsomol them. Ostrovsky (1971), the State Prize of Ukraine (1995).

In different years, a substantial contribution to the organization and development of radiophysics faculty deans have made it - members of the department: Sapelkin A. (1969 - 1976 gg.), VM Kuzmichev (1976 - 1979 gg.), Switch, VA (1979 - 1993 gg.) Perepechai MP (1993 - 2002 gg.). From 1993 to 1998 Professor of Switch VA was rector of the University of Kharkov.

Chair of Quantum Radiophysics is the initiator and organizer of international conferences, IEEE / LEOS in modern optoelectronics and lasers CAOL / LFNM, held since 1999.


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