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Doctor of Science, Full Professor, Senior Researcher

He graduated with honors from the School of Radiophysics Kharkov state university (KSU) in 1983. In 1998 he defended his Ph.D. thesis "High-precision study of the rotational spectra of molecules and SO2 SeO2 in the millimeter and submillimeter wavelengths" (supervisor prof. Dyubko S.F.). In 2013 he defended his Doctoral thesis"High-precision radio spectrometers and radio spectroscopy of astrophysical and atmospheric molecules".

After graduation he worked Ukraine as an engineer, junior researcher, researcher, senior researcher in the Institute ofRadio Astronomy of the National Academy of Sciences (RI NAS).In 2007 he was awarded the academic title of senior researcher.From January 2012 he was also an assistant professor of Department of Quantum Radiophysics of the V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University (KNU).Since 2014 -leading researcher of the RI NAS, Professor of Department of Quantum Radiophysics KNU.

He prepared and teaches lecture courses "Modern radio spectroscopy" and "Fundamentals of terahertz spectroscopy".

Scientific direction experimental molecular spectroscopy.The main scientific achievements are: the development and creation of high-precision spectroscopy in the millimeter and submillimeter range, a study using the built spectrometers rotational spectra of a number of molecules.

Evgeniy A. Alekseev is the co-author of over 100 scientific papers, 6 inventors certificates. In 2010, as a part of the research group he was awarded of L.V.Shubnikova premium of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Major publications:

  1. Alekseev E. A., Dyubko S. F., Ilyushin V. V., Podnos S. V. The high-precision millimeter-wave spectrum of  32SO2, 32SO22), and 34SO2 // Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy. – 1996. – Vol. 176. – p. 316-320.

  2. Ilyushin V. V., Alekseev E. A., Dyubko S. F., Baskakov O. I., Microwave Spectroscopy of the Ground, ν18, 2ν18, and ν11 Vibrational States of CF3CFH2 // Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy. – 1999. – Vol. 195. – p. 246-255.

  3. Snyder L. E., Lovas F. J., Hollis J. M., Friedel D. N., Jewell P. R., Remijan A., Ilyushin V. V., Alekseev E. A., Dyubko S. F., A rigorous attempt to verify interstellar glycine // Astrophysical Journal, – 2005. – Vol. 619, №2, part 1. – p. 914-930.

  4. Ilyushin V. V., Alekseev E. A., Dyubko S. F., Motiyenko R. A., Lovas F. J., Millimeter wave spectrum of glycine // Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy. – 2005. – Vol. 231. – p. 15-22.

  5. Motiyenko R. A., Alekseev E. A., Dyubko S. F., Lovas F. J., Microwave spectrum and structure of furfural // Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy. – 2006. – Vol. 240. – p. 93-101.

  6. Алексеев Е. А., Захаренко В. В., Синтезатор прямого цифрового синтеза в микроволновой спектроскопии // Радиофизика и Радиоастрономия. – 2007. – Т. 12. – с. 205-213.

  7. Margulès L., Motiyenko R. A., Alekseev E. A., Demaison J., Choice of the reduction and of the representation in centrifugal distortion analysis: A case study of dimethylsulfoxide // Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy. – 2010. – Vol. 260. – p. 23-29.

  8. Motiyenko R. A., Margulès L., Alekseev E. A., Guillemin J.-C., Demaison J., Centrifugal distortion analysis of the rotational spectrum of aziridine: Comparison of different Hamiltonians // Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy. – 2010. – Vol. 264. – p. 94-99.

  9. Алексеев Е. А., Синтезаторы прямого цифрового синтеза частоты: возможности и ограничения для микроволновой спектроскопии // Радиофизика и радиоастрономия. – 2011. – T. 16. – с. 209-219.

  10. Дюбко С. Ф., Погребняк Н. Л., Алексеев Е. А., Рябцев И. И., Куценко А. С., Микроволновый спектрометр атомов в ридберговских состояниях // Радиофизика и радиоастрономия. – 2011. – T. 16. – с. 198-208.

  11. Алексеев Е. А., Мотиенко Р. А., Маргулес Л., Спектрометры миллиметрового и субмиллиметрового диапазонов на основе синтезаторов прямого цифрового синтеза // Радиофизика и радиоастрономия. – 2011. – T. 16. – с. 313-327.

  12. Tercero B., Margulès L., Carvajal M., Motyienko R. A., Huet T. R., Alekseev E. A., Kleiner I., Guillemin J. C., Møllendal H., Cernicharo J., Sub-mm spectroscopy and first ISM detection of 18O-methylformate // Astronomy and Astrophysics. – 2012. – Vol. 538. – p. A119.1-A119.13.

  13. A.J.Remijan, L.E.Snyder, B.A.McGuire, Hsin-Lun Kuo, L.W.Looney, D.N.Friedel, G.Yu.Golubiatnikov, F.J.Lovas, V.V.Ilyushin, E.A.Alekseev, S.F.Dyubko, B.J.McCall, J.M.Hollis, Observational Results of a Multi-Telescope Campaign in Search of Interstellar Urea [(NH2)2CO] // Astrophysical Journal, – 2014. – Vol. 783, №2. – P.77.1-77.16.

  14. J.Cernicharo, S.Bailleux, E.Alekseev, A.Fuente, E.Roueff, M.Gerin, B.Tercero, S.P.Treviño-Morales, N.Marcelino, R. Bachiller, B. Lefloch, Tentative Detection of the Nitrosylium Ion in Space // Astrophysical Journal, – 2014. – Vol. 795, №1. – P.40.1-40.6.


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